agosto 05, 2012


So, I gave my first solo Workshop for grown-ups, and my first solo Conference! ^0^ Sweet~

 (didn´t take pics of the Conference... maybe I may find some online eventually?)

Yes, I was a bit nervous and I consider I have several things to polish (self-criticism? I have lots of it!)
Still, I´m really satisfied I was able to manage both situations, and most people seemed to like this events.
That´s what matters to me the most while teaching: Being successful at giving my pupils valuable tools and knowledge. Otherwise, what´s the point? O_o (if you´re thinking "being paid", I must say that´s not good enough for me! I want EVERYTHING~~)
So, I´m super happy. It´s not like I want to be a full-time teacher, nor give regular classes, though. But I certanly enjoy doing it every once in a while, then, I may be teaching some workshops from now on, whenever I feel like it (and have the time).

Gosh. I can still hear the spontaneous applause at the end of the Conference, wich... I wasn´t expecting at all. I think it´s my first "just-for-me/just-because-applause". I´m a Leo and that moves me, I can´t help it!. 
There was an applause after the workshop too. Yes, I was the teacher, but since everybody worked there, I consider it´s an applause for everybody, not specially meant for me. And I´ve got applauses at other workshops/shows too, but I was in a group of  people and even when they applaud after my name.... it´s a... formal applause. People HAVE to clap their hands. Some may do it with feeling, others, for compromise.. (I know I´m weird. Modesty certanly ruins things for me! XD) 

lol I could never have pictured myself teaching a class. I was super shy at school. But teaching Manga classes to a group of kids -years ago- helped a lot. Kids are super mean! XD 
If you can handle kids, you sure can handle grown-ups!

In other news, I´ve succeeded on creeping out some of my family members (yet again! yay?) by going to the movies by myself. 
...On my birthday :)
(It was a super-lucky day, filled with "1"s and "8"s! ♥)

Of course, I do have friends, bussiness partners, people I like and I care about (actually, lots of them ♥). And I do hang out with them... The thing is I just woke up like:

Me: "-Happy Birthday to me! What would I like to do today? ♥-" 
Voice in my head: "-I want to watch Brave. NOW!-" 
Voice II*: "-Yeah! In 3D!-"
Me: "-Awesome, there´s a movie theather near!. Let´s go~~!-"

So I had to go right then
Just thinking about calling/messaging people, asking if they were available (on a Wenesday afternoon!), arranging the time and place, being available for family dinner later... gosh, too complicated! 
I just enjoy being spontaneous, and I´m fine with my own company (except when every once in a while, I overdo my hermit mode, wich is not really healthy :P).

Anyways, it was superfun (LOVED Brave!!) and I´ve spoiled myself afterwards with a huge Starbucks Cappuccino and a long walk :3
I think I may be going to the movies on my own more often! Haven´t seen Batman yet!

Ok, I need to get some sleep, I did a lot of awesome planning today along with my riends/partners. Tattoo Studio location, my future tattoo, sexy dance (lol), merchandising project (soon), workshops planning, collective show details and standing my grandma talk about politics for 2 hrs straight (not that awesome, I kinda wanted to die then) 
(Even though I´d love to, it´s just impossible to write down my whole week ^_^Uu That was 1 DAY!)

See you guys!

*And yes, I do have voices in my head. More than two. 
But I´ll tell you about that other time :)

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