junio 14, 2012

Bunch-a-stuff I´ve doing lately!

Lots of stuff since last update. So I´ll do some catching-up (and I will forget a LOT of stuff, I know)

Deego Puzzle Workshop was cool! The organizing crew and my fellow artists are awesome! So are the guys who attended to it ;)

Went to ArteBA, Customized a Pantie:

Been on the global event: WallPeople

I´ve been tattooing some volunteers (5 so far!)
 (more and better photos soon)

I´ve been woking on some commissions too!

Btw, GoT... Another 10 episodes-long season??? YOU´RE KILLING ME!!! DX

BTW, She´s freaking gorgeous:

Loveeee~~ ♥♥♥

Slow, painful dead, plz (and no book spoilers plz)

Ok, I´d love to keep posting GoT animated gifs like forever and ever, but gotta cut it short, so I can bring you fresh news soon!

2 comentarios:

Maximus dijo...

No sé porque no me asombra que hayas caído en las garras de Games Of Thrones. Che, que buena quedó la "AstroGirl" !


Mako Fufu dijo...

Es que es irresistibleeeeeeeeeeee! *_*

Muchas gracias! ^_~

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