mayo 08, 2012

Non-stop week

 So... I haven´t had a break yet!

Tuesday -May 1st -
Labor day. Holiday?. Not for me, I worked HARD! Made my 1st "real" tattoo!. I´m so excited!! 
Ok, maybe 1st and 2nd tattoo?. I´ve re-inked a previous tattoo (a "Tribal") and made a whole new one.
Claudio beared with the pain incredibly well (or maybe I was smooth enough so it didn´t hurt that much?) (well, at least he didn´t complain. Good enough for my first time :3 ). 
I was so freaking tired afterwards, that I recalled that I had to take a picture after re-wrapping the tribal and wrapping the Skull (Motorhead logo) ._.U
Tattooing feels freaking empowering.
Planning next tattoo.
 I´ll be visiting him soon, so I can take a decent one

Wenesday -May 2nd -
  • Got some rest (meaning "I didn´t go to bed so late it was early already" as usual)
  • Cleaned and put in order my workspace. Gosh, so much dust should be illegal! T_T
  • Started and got to 60% of the Magazine illustration done. I needed to have something done for Thursday´s photo shoot.
 Screencap - 20% done

Thursday -May 3rd -
  • Bad sleep again. Too anxious for... Magazine´s photo shoot D: It went well, after all (even though the bad hair day ^_^U). Plus, the photographer was the nicest girl ever. And she was a New York City fan just like me! XD
  • After photo session... I ran to Monica´s workshop. We had to be there to help receiving the artworks for the upcoming (June? July?) Collective Art Show on Centro Cultural Recoleta (we´re putting it together). I´ve spent hours working as a Door(Wo)man, running from one way to other, opening and closing the doors and walking fellow artists in and out. Tiresome, but way better than filling up paperwork.
 We´ve received around 150 illustrations
  • Sketched some ideas for mi illustration for the exhibition (I should have delivered it today, but I spent hours receiving other ppl works... so...)
  • Replied most notes on DA. Still got a pile of them =_=Uu

Friday -May 4th -
  • Finished/delivered the Magazine Illustration. I´m really happy with the results!
  • Took my cat, Leo, to the vet. He needs blood tests and stuff =_= (at least he seems to be in good spirits! That´s important!)
  • FINALLY had a little time to watch Game of  Thrones!!! ♥0♥

Saturday was awesome, but I´ll get to that later. I want to get some sleep now.
It´s Tuesday once again, and I have a lot to do tomorrow!




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