abril 20, 2012

Princesses [21 de 25]

I´m almost done! I keep my fingers crossed, keep working and... I´m not getting much sleep at all.
I´ve recently finished the Book Cover and realized that... I´ve made a book. A BOOK. Yes. Each page is A3 size. It´s quite a HUGE BOOK.

I´ve got to finish mr. Huge Book ASAP, because I´ve... A LOT TO DO! 
A lot of other awesome stuff. 
I´m feel lucky, but I´ll still be working hard!. 
Need to finish this first.
More info about upcoming stuff on next post.
I need to go back to work on... my BOOK!
(bookbookbookbook.. I love the sound of it X3)


2 comentarios:

Rocio dijo...

Se puede saber en que editorial va a salir el libro??
Ya estoy ahorrando para comprarlo jijijiji :D

Mako Fufu dijo...

Rocío! Sale por Editorial Artemisa en Junio ^__^ ♥

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