abril 08, 2012

Princesses [16 y 3/4 de 25]

 French dresses (Marie Antoinette-ish) are quite complicated, but they worth the effort ♥ I´m loving this illustrations process!
There are... what-? 4 princess styles left, then the cover, and the book will be finally done, in roughly 2 months of hard work, total ♥

I need to start tattooing real people soon, Cristian, my friend and tattoo mentor, is insisting on it (a lot). Now that I feel stronger (getting over my unexpected anemia) , I´m looking forward to start!. 
News about tattooing, soon ;)

This past week I´ve finally went through the tax bureaucracy I´ve been postponing. I´ll finally have my new Fufu invoices with my new logo included on them :3
Oh, I´ve finished reading The Walking Dead comic a few days ago. It´s a bit too anti-spiral for me... but I couldn´t stop reading it, Cliff-hangers were super effective!

Of course I ended up watching the leaked Game Of Thrones episode! ( s02e02) But sound quality wasn´t as good as usual (a bit high pitched) the same goes for image quality (a bit too bright or something) and... it didn´t have the Dohtraki subs (sure I can kinda figure what was it about, but still). I´ll watch it once it´s officially released and I´ll enjoy it even more
Btw, OMG the Opening goes from one Kingdom to another like crazy on this episode! Lots of action everywhere~~!
I feel silly, I don´t have much attention span for this kind of things. I´ve discovered it changes depending on wich kingdoms are featured on each episode while re-watching the whole series (before that I was like "Oh! I´ve never noticed the Eyrie was on the opening before! Go figure!") /swt

New Keyword Commission delivered, you guys!.
 I might close them when I reach 100 if I´m already tattooing by then. Let´s see, I´m thinking about it.
If you want one, don´t miss the chance!

Love you guys!
See you soon!

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