marzo 21, 2012

Princesses [8 y 2/4 de 25]

I´ve just decided to take a single class this semester: English. I have too much on my plate right now and I need to focus my energies. 
A chinese cookie told me to do that yesterday, and I was like "meh, generic cookie!" and threw the paper away. And today I´ve reached to that same conclusion. Oh, Asian Wisdom! *bowes before the Maneki Neko*

Happy Birthday to my lil´ bro Juan Manuel! 
He´s such a grown up already ;.; I love you, Juan!! 
(And I really hope you pick the Ice Cream cake. SERIOUSLY. No pressure, though XD)

I´ve been working on the book illustrations. Not doing as fast as I´ve expected, but hopefuly I´ll do better tomorrow, I just need some rest :)
Too tired to take a decent screencap, so... cell-phone photo instead!
The ones on top are finished. The bottom ones, works in progress, as you may see.



SPOILER ALERT**********************************



This is fucking hot!

Good Ol´ Silent Hill-ish HOTNESS!! *melts* *3*

And now we have to waaaaaait ´till next season!! AGHHH!!!
(No, I´m not reading the comic, I don´t want spoilers!) (Ok, maybe I´d get the comic versions for seasons 1 and 2, since I´ve already watched them. But I´m not going further than that!)

Ok, gotta go!
Goodnite! :3

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