marzo 17, 2012

Princesses [6/25]

Tomorrow (meaning today, after I get some sleep) I call a "Sabatic Saturday".
Yeah, redundant, I know.

What I mean with that, it´s that I won´t be working on the book just for today.

Ok, not so "Sabatic", since I´ll be doing some of the many things I´ve been postponing just because I must get out of my apartment to do them.
i.e. Planning meeting for upcoming bussiness, Networking, and -if I still have some energy left in me- health store grocery shopping (*_* oh, tofu, I need yaaaaaaa )

Ok, I confess... I´m sure that at least I´ll be doing a tiiiny bit of coloring once I come back home. But I´ll spend most of the day out.
That will work wonders for my sanity! :3

Well, too sleepy now...

Goodnite! :3
Love ya!

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