marzo 12, 2012

Princesses [3/25]

I´ve been locked up at home working on the book illustrations. The deadline is crazy but I´ve realized that I don´t mind it that much... and I´m adding a lot of love and detail to each picture.
...I´ve been wondering why.
I mean, I always do my best, but there´s a point I get cranky while working on big commissioned works.
I´ve got a lot of time to think while working. My brain´s right side is super busy, cheching on colors, lines and textures, and... my left side gets bored. And taaaalks to me. Nonstop (that´s why I "watch"-hear- tv shows while working).

And I´ve realized some important things:
1- I´m not feeling exploited. That´s important. Because when the client it´s cheap, there´s a point when my left brain says "Hey, you´re TIRED, how much time and effort did you put into this already?. And how much are they paying for it anyways?"
2- The editor actually likes my work, and he keeps telling me to be ME and do My Style (sure, he makes changes, but he manages to keep me happy). Back to #1, when cheap client tells me that likes my work, I think that they are trying to compensate their cheap-ness with feeding my ego (doesn´t work, btw)
3- The stories and info on the book are really interesting and cute (but not cheesy at all). The writer made a great work and she´s also super nice to me (I´ve never had direct contact with the writer before)
4- This will be... my first book. I´ve illustrated another book (a collection of 4, in fact), ages ago, but not in my style, and it never got published (thanks God). I´ve worked on illustrations for other books, and magazines, and stuff... but this WHOLE BOOK will be illustrated by me. It´s like... WOW. And the book is HUGE. Ridiculously HUGE. Like each page is pretty much A3 size (I have to be really careful with the details, though O_O )

So, that´s why I don´t really mind that much being inside.
My eyes sore a bit, yes. I´m (really) tired, yes. But I´m getting this done really quick, and then I can work on other stuff. And eventually they´ll print it and I´ll have this big gorgeous book in my hands... that´ll be a dream come true :3
One of many. I want to do a lot of stuff. I´m glad that 2012 starts with mi first book.
That´s just awesome.

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