marzo 29, 2012

Princesses [12/25]

I´m officially halfway done with the book. 
I´m sure I´d be thrilled if I wasn´t an exhausted-stressed-pms-monster right now. I´m having the worst mood switches EVER D: 
And certanly being stuck at home isn´t helping. I´m developing cabin fever...

Gladly, tomorrow I´ll be attending to a project meeting with some colleagues and friends (I hope I´d make it this time  T_T Last few meetings I´ve stayed at home, working ---on the book)

Yesterday I took a little walk and bought some gloves I´ve been dreaming of for a while. 
Fancy vs. Edgy. Would anybody please explain to me why do I have such extremely opposite likes? (and I haven´t bought yet the third pair: bubblegum pink with hearts and bunnies... WTF is wrong with me???)

I´m readng The Walking Dead Comic Issue #61. Since #29 it´s getting heavier and heavier. It´s quite different from the TV show, and there are a lot of situations that ...are just not going to happen in the show. I´m glad that they´re different. More TWD stories to watch!

You know what actually would get me in an AWESOME mood? The Winter ACTUALLY coming already, if you know what I mean ;)
(I´ve seen this during the weekend and it was an energy-excitement-boost!!!)

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