marzo 01, 2012

oh, you crazy 2012!

Every once and then, I remember I have a blog. I always check other people´s blog on their websites, but it´s kinda hard for me to keep it up to date. I feel I should write on it in english *and* spanish. Even though I said I´ll write in each language radomly. Plus, I want to add photos and stuff, and I end up taking A LOT of time! X_x
I´d rather update via Facebook or Twitter, it´s easier!.

Ok, I´ll make a short update about what I´m doing right now, just in case you feel curious:
  • I´m working on a book about Princesses around the world, to be edited here and sold in Spain (atención España, que mi libro de Princesas sale allá!). A LOT of work, a lot of research, a lot of cute girly stuff (can´t complain about that!) that I´ve got to finish at the end of this month (March 31st aprox). It´s really interesting, rewarding and fun, plus the writer is this lovely woman, Sol Sylvestre. She´s very happy with my art, and I´m very happy with her writing. The delivery date makes me feel really stressed, though. I wish I wouldn´t get stressed so easily ^_^U
  • Can´t get a new computer yet, but got some RAM for my current one, and now I can go back to work on FufuComic (it was taking FOREVER to work on each page) I´m guessing I can also work on new POP episodes too!. I just need to get the time (once I´m done with the book, I guess?)
  • I´m also taking Keyword Commissions at DA, to get a little extra income (publishing houses take a while to pay, you know?). I´m surprised I´ve done more than 80 of these already!
  • I´ve been working on organizing an Art Show that showcases works from 250 (!) illustrators. The opening was a complete success. It´s on the Centro Cultural Recoleta (Aguafuertes Porteñas de Arlt, se puede visitar hasta el 18/3 !) . It will close rather soon and we have to organize the dismantling and works devolution (oh, Lordy...). Then, we will start with some new projects.
  • Oh, right, TATTOOS. I own a machine already and I´ve been practicing a lot already. I´m ready to start working on people (simple stuff, nothing crazy). I´ve done my first human-skin tattoo on my finger. It´s a shame that it turned out to have some sort of  Wolverine´s DNA. It... heals O_O Like... disappears!. I´ve been doing some research and it´s not so uncommon. But I won´t give up until it *stays* tattooed. A friend of mine is teaching me the techniques, and we´re opening a tattoo studio (a private one, for starters) along with another friend-tattoo artist. We have the autoclave (the sterilizing-machine-thingie) already. Once we get the chair/couch, we will be able to start working! :D
I´m sure that I´m leaving stuff out, but I have to stop procrastinating and go back to the book. I´ll try to finish the mock-ups.
I´ve been quite locked up at home lately, but this is serious sh*t I´m doing.
I´ll go out eventually... but I wanna go visit other countries. Anyone knows about something artsy to do out there? Murals, tattoo, awesome events? (can´t-stop-focusing-on-career)

Ok, back to work
Love you all! X3 ♥

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