febrero 19, 2012

Fashion Week Ilustrée #5

*Hint* Check www.fashionweekillustree.fr on March 6th
*Pista* Chequeá www.fashionweekillustree.fr el 6 de Marzo

llustrated Fashion Week # 5

Fashion Week Illustrated is a community of illustrators orchestrated by Amylee (www.amylee.fr), The ManagUer, Virginie Siveton (www.bdmii.com) and Ian Parovel.
In the manner of a flash mob ', Fashion Week Illustrated brings together a group of creative, graphic designers, illustrators whose main goal is to hit hard around a single theme (the mode) and a strong desire to present their ambient and artistic style.
From 28th  February to 7th  March 2012, it’s the official opening of Fashion Week in Paris but the beginning of the Fashion Week Illustrated #5 too : 10 days of silhouettes, visions shifted, inspirations and creative emerging talent. A follow of two illustrations per day on the web until the end of Fashion Week (Paris)!
During this web-parade, you can discover the illustrations of : Clement Dezelus, Lilya, Florence Rosello, Stuartie, Turalo, Willa Gebbie, Bertrand Todesco, Caroline B., Audrey Molinatti, Caroline Morin, Lunacy, Djiguito, Mr. To, Desicloe , Mako Fufu, Prismak, Box and in each edition a "first face" will open the show. Let’s discover on February 28th , 2012!
For this fifth edition, and for the first time, you can check out my illustration on March 6th, an event which you can’t miss on the blog www.fashionweekillustree.fr
Talent, originality, exclusivity will be waiting for you ...

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Amylee (FWI) dijo...

Yeaaaaah, it starts today !!! A great illustrated parade on the web ^__^

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