septiembre 03, 2011

Thank you, Universe

Even though I woke up kinda cranky, the Universe plotted to do me good the whole day.
It was one of those days when I unconsciously refuse to be in a good mood (estaba molesta como los nenes) and the Universe kept on bringing me more and more good stuff so I had nothing to complain.
In fact, I had to be thankful! (repeatedly)

Now I see I was just reaaaaally tired. And I should go to sleep, yet I´m not doing so! XD
I´m not cranky anymore, though (but don´t tell the Universe, so it keeps the good things coming)

Oh, and check out this anime (el opening es una GRAN Y MARAVILLOSA MENTIRA, vean un par de capítulos y se van a dar cuenta de qué hablo).

Trust me, when I recommend anime, it´s GOOD anime. I don´t watch a lot of it, this "modern" character design style that´s been happening for a while already, doesn´t seduce me. Plus I like ellaborated characters and interesting stories (and magic, sexy girls and time-traveling, if possible XD).
This has ok chara designs, but great animation! (It´s just my opinion, feel free to like modern character designs, I won´t argue with anybody about that! )

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