octubre 08, 2010

Lost in Palermo - Part I

Today, I went to Palermo and did what I do best when I´m there: Getting Lost!

(sí, ya sé que no es muy "Top" de mi parte perderme ahí)
[ PART I ]
FYI, Palermo is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It´s really modern, artsy and fancy... And preeeeeeeeety! ♥
Yet, my biologic-GPS doesn´t work there. Seriously, guys.

Even when I don´t always know the names of the streets around me (sometimes not even the the one I´m walking!), I´m pretty good at getting my bearings. It´s instinctive.
I love taking long walks and it´s really uncommon that I recur twice on the same path to get from one place to another. I pretty much zig-zag all over the way, in order to get to know new places, paint new trash cans or wheatpaste in new walls ♥ (and because it´s more fun like this!)

I didn´t get lost while making this drawing. Guess why?
...Yup, that´s not Palermo :/

I manage to do this, pretty much all over my city, and even in most cities I´ve visited (ok, I must say that it IS way easier in NY, where the streets and avenues names are mostly numbered).

But Palermo... oh, Palermo... He messes with my GPS.

I think I must have been a thousand times at cons and exhibitions @ the "Jardín Japonés" (Japanese Garden) (yes, in Palermo) the last decade, and STILL get lost eeeevery single time.

Yay, Fanservice! :D Be polite or no more candies for you! ¬.¬

Then, I went to job interviews around there. Later, I attended for a few months to an animation course in P-land (ok, the bus stop was RIGHT THERE almost at Patagonik Studio´s front door so I didn´t have to walk)

Right after that, a few blocks away, I started to go to work on a daily basis to an office in... yep, still Palermo!. During a year and a half (oh, old PS photo-retouch-slave times!). I got to know the place a little better and discovered that I´ve been there before, for parties, meetings with friends and stuff... Still managed to get lost everytime I could!I´m suspecting that Palermo messes with my Time cognition as well, since this pic is from 2006,
and still I wrote the year wrong back then (!)

I can´t tell how many meetings I had there in you-already-know-where. Dancing classes. Lunchs. Concerts. I´ve even painted a mural this year!.

And... and... I still got lost today! ._____.Uu
This doesn´t happen to me in any other neighborhood!! I have a pretty awesome memory everywhere else! ò3ó

OMG, it´s freakin´ late, need to get some sleep. So.... tururururuuu~~


5 comentarios:

Daisku dijo...

Yo tengo un GPS natural bastante malo normalmente.. Yo me guio visualmente.. ponele que me pierdo y cuando ya veo un lugar que pise antes me vuelvo a acomodar y puedo encontrar el camino... xDDD
Palermo.. bueno la verdad que ahi me va bastante bien, siempre se adonde voy por ahi, hasta trabajo en un cine de Palermo... XDDD
Me encanto tu blog.. me rei un rato leyendo esta entrada

Mako Fufu dijo...

Daisku, nuestros GPS se complementan! XDD
Yo suelo pensar que me perdí, pero sigo eligiendo el camino correcto y me doy cuenta cuando llego. ...Bueno, en la mayor parte de Capital, al menos XD

En un cine de Palermo? El de cerquita del Alto Palermo? Hasta ahí te sé llegar y no me pierdo tanto... de hecho, ahora me acuerdo que yo iba a un fan club por ahí O_o
(OMG!! por qué Palermo es TAN GRANDE??).

Daisku dijo...

Yo tambien pense que se complementaban xDDDD jajajajajajaja

Si trabajo en el Cinemark de Palermo, ese mismo que dijiste.. el que esta cerquita del Alto Palermo, estoy en la parte de snacks n.n es deprimente trabajar en un cine y ver a la gente que va a ver peliculas, mientras vos haces pochoclos XDDD

Mako Fufu dijo...

Ehhh! Te deberían dar entradas gratis o algo! No les cuesta nada y tendrían empleados un poco más felices!

Daisku dijo...

Te dan dos por mes y nada más TwT algo te sueltan pero tampoco se copan tanto...

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